One of the things that I love the most about doing this show is the community of new Napoleon enthusiasts that has built up around it. David and I are constantly getting emails like this one from Gavin O’Sullivan in Vancouver:

Dear Cameron and David,

My name is Gavin O’Sullivan.
I’m a letter-carrier living in Vancouver B.C., and around xmas time i picked up the lovely little invention called an ipod.
I must say it entertains me through the day whether listening to songs, books, or podcasts…….which brings me to your Napoleon Podcast.

As mentioned by you Cameron, growing up in a commonwealth country my knowledge of Napoleon was that he was a “tyrant”, or a “little Hitler”.
How my knowledge has grown with the help of your podcast.

I’ve always been interested in military history whether it be the American Civil war, Vietnam conflict, Roman , or WW1, WW2.
My parents grew up in London, England and lived through the blitz. so in some way my interest in human conflict had been instilled.

Your podcasts have entertained, intrigued, and informed me.
I truly feel that you guys are like my old buddies when i listen for your obvious enthusiasm, and friendship comes through in spades.
Even the episode when you guys finally met was brilliant, where i tend to think David’s supply of olde medicine was opened with a fervor.

So around your your 15th 16th podcast, i was at a thrift store mucking around for odds and sods, when in the corner of my eye i spot this huge pic of Mr. Bonaparte.
So after haggling down to a $4.00…..price tag…..i walked out of there with a wicked poster of Napolean which is now up in my living room.(see attached pic)

I do truly look forward to your next podcast, and i am spreading the word as much as I can.
I would help you guys out anyway i can, and think that podcasts will only grow with mates such as you blabbering about on the airwaves……haha.
My vote for your next one would be a Ceasar. or American Civil War.

Keep up the good work,

your fan


Gavin and Napoleon

Nice haggling Gavin! How about you come over here when I attend my next house auction?

Please keep sending us your Napoleon stories folks! After sitting here getting inspired in solitude by Napoleonic stories over the years, I’m really thrilled to see this show helping others find a passion for the subject.