After the signing of The Treaty of Luneville in February 1801, France was at peace with every country in Europe. Only Britian stood in the way of a total peace. Listen in as JDM and I discuss some of the key events of the following period:

  • William Pitt had been replaced briefly by Henry Addington as Prime Minister of Britian
  • The impact of the assassination of Tsar Paul I of Russia in March 1801
  • Nelson’s destruction of the Danish fleet at Copenhagen ends Napoleon’s idea of invading England via Ireland
  • The reasons behind the Treaty of Amiens which was signed in March 1802
  • The terms of Amiens
  • Bonaparte made First Consul For Life, August 1802
  • The “infernal machine” and the trial of the Duc D’Enghien
  • Why Amiens failed
  • Britian declares war on France, May 1803

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